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Introducing our Authors!

Richelle E Goodrich


I met Richelle online nearly a year ago now, through Goodreads I think. and she did a lovely blog-post about my books. She has contributed a wonderful fantasy story called "The Beauty of UGH," to the project. See the picture opposite that she illustrated for it.


Richelle E. Goodrich lives in Washington with her husband and three boys somewhere in a compromise between country and city living. She has two BA degrees and possesses a wide range of interests in the creative arts.


Her love for writing emerged later in life, first manifesting itself through children's books geared at entertaining her boys. 'Eena, The Dawn and Rescue' and 'Eena, The Return of a Queen' (the beginning adventures in the Harrowbethian Saga) are Richelle's first novel-length achievements.


This author will tell you that the greatest thrill of writing is to hear what readers have to say about the characters living within her enchanted pages





James Cruickshank and James Penhaligon 

 I contacted James after reading his amazing and humorous  biography "Speak Swahili Dammit!" He has teamed up with James  Cruickshank to bring us "The Story of Nugu the Baboon," which comes from their book "Kalulu and the Magic Bees."


James Penhaligon is a multi-lingual consultant psychiatrist in the United Kingdom. Born to Cornish parents, and raised deep in the bush in Tanganyika, later to emerge as Tanzania, he remains a fluent Swahili speaker, and has never been able to escape his early influences, or the gaze it gave him on life and the world.

Despite having left Africa, and carving himself a successful career in medicine, and later psychiatry, James has always had a fascinating East African story waiting to be told, and, finally, he has written it. The result is "Speak Swahili, Dammit!"




 Holly M. Kothe


I took a chance with Holly, not having read any of her work before and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Holly offers us a slice of inspiring  romance with her story "Mirror Image." So please support her with her new book outing, "Sweet Violent Femmes."


Holly is a freelance short story writer and novelist from Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a BA in English and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University and works as an editor for The Oddville Press. Her most recent publication, Sweet Violent Femmes, is available in digital and print on Amazon and through her caffeinated blog, A Little Literary, (a Lotta Coffee) at http://www.alittleliterary.blogspot.com/

 Graham Downs


I met Graham on the goodreads site, we agreed to swap books and became mutual fans since. He offers us a gripping reality tale of bullying with "Stingers."


Graham lives with his wife in Germiston, South Africa. A Computer Programmer by occupation, he writes whenever he can, whatever stories take his fancy.

Notable works so far include A Petition to Magic, a short fantasy story, and Heritage of Deceit, a thrilling novelette.

Find all his books on Goodreads, at



Cecily Magnon


"The Storekeeper," blew me off my feet, an beautifully written fantasy

tale, I admit I did not know Cecily much before this project but I will be a loyal fan after reading this excellent contribution to Frazzle!


Cecily lives in California amidst the fertile valley of San Joaquin County. She enjoys a quiet family and home life with her two beautiful sons and supportive husband. One day, she hopes to make writing a full time job where she can dedicate more time to the meanderings of her mind and create for you--more characters, more worlds, and more stories.


 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cecily-Magnon/376639355771439

 Twitter: @cecilymagnon


Nancy Brooks


Nancy came to us as a friend of Cecily and I'm glad to have her on-board, she contributes an amusing fantasy tale called "The Candy Vendor's Confession."


Nancy Brooks is a First-Generation American with many cultural backgrounds, including ancestors from El Salvador, Lebanon, Canada, England, and Ireland—countries rich in folklore and legendary creatures.

As a child, her imagination soared as Salvadorean relatives retold stories of elves, witches, demons and curses. After years of research and comparison, she’s found striking similarities in the legends and folktales of many diverse cultures, and is dedicated to planting seeds of probability in her readers' minds: Are these merely stories to entertain, or were they based on actual accounts and events?

                                                                                           Visit Nancy Brooks by going to: www.legendseeker.com

                                                          Or  https://www.facebook.com/nancybrooks.legends

Darren Worrow

I am the host and organiser of this project. I write mostly (so-called) humour but do turn my hand to more serious genres. I also like to sketch cartoons and design.


Maria Miller


I became friends with Maria after being amazed by her book "Abandoned China Dolls," and we have mutually enjoyed each others books since. So pleased to have her contribute "A Wish for Lucie," to our little project.


Maria Miller was born and raised in the United States. She graduated from Xavier University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English but decided not to pursue a Master’s Degree because she couldn’t refine her desire to learn to just one thing. She’s married and has four children, who take up most of her time.




Paul Howard

I am an author, screenwriter and film maker, my screen credits include the cult classic "Night Terror" (1990) and the soon to be released "Hunt For the Desert Apeman" in collaboration with M.L. Behrman. I published my first novel: "The Galley"(2012) and its' short story extract: "The Unthinkable (The Great Fire of Rome)"(2012). My newest books are "Timelines: The Beethoven Incident"(2013) and the first installment of "The Palindrome Chronicles": the short story "We Were Here!(2013)" In October my newest book, "Phoenix Part One: Spooks" was published.

After spending my early years in the Midwest, I migrated to Southern California where I received most of my education. There is an old saying: "You can take the boy out of the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the boy." I think that's true in my case. Although I've lived in L.A. most of my life, the simple ways of Southern Illinois are still close to my heart. I love the opportunities to get away to the quiet of the deserts and countryside. It helps me think. My joys in life are playing the guitar and spending time with my grandchildren, (as well as writing!)



David Darby

David is 54-years-old, born in London, living in Spain, a photographer, journalist, stand-up comedian and storyteller. As editor of a small magazine in the south of Spain, I find very little time to release the hundreds of stories rushing around in my twisted head.

Why contribute to a charity book for children? A Spanish woman was watching me playing with my young son in a park… she said to me, "up until they're about 16 months old, you love them so much you could eat them… when they reach 16-years-old, you wish you had…"

Do not eat your children! Read these stories and then recommend the book to your friends!

Dave is a personal friend of mine and when I noticed he had released a book on kindle I thought I would follow like a little lost sheep! If you like an on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller check out his book “Driven.”